Our Outreach team consists of volunteers and professionals in education, criminal justice, research, content creation, and marketing. Together we manage Project Reclass’s social media content and organize virtual events such as our annual Hackday event. As representatives of the organization, our team also establishes partnerships with other organizations in corporate, nonprofit, correctional, and government spheres to help us reach incarcerated veterans.

We’re searching for volunteers in marketing, social media outreach, and criminal justice research. Above all, we’re looking for people with a passion for veteran issues and helping incarcerated individuals develop meaningful skills upon re-entering the civilian workforce. We believe that through our outreach we can promote education and reach underserved veterans, and we invite you to join our mission.

Criminal Justice

Our first step toward a lasting impact begins by educating ourselves. That’s why we are building a research team of individuals who are passionate about improving the Criminal Justice system. We’re looking for volunteers to: 

  • Research data about incarceration, veterans in prison, and recidivism
  • Spark productive, informed discussions within our community  
  • Write thorough research articles and blog posts using current, relevant research 
  • Envision new ways for Project Reclass to impact the Criminal Justice sphere

Research is not enough on its own. If you love sifting through layers of information and diverse perspectives to tackle the most complex challenges, we want you on our team. Together we can improve lives and reimagine education in criminal justice spaces.

Military and Veterans

Our military team consists of current and transitioning military members. No matter what branch, each member of the military swears the same oath of enlistment, pledging duty and commitment to the United States.

“I (state your name) do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

This sense of duty extends beyond any branch of service or military specialty. That’s why Project Reclass brings military members from many walks of life together to provide an educational pathway for incarcerated veterans to learn computer networks. Current and former military members who work with Project Reclass as volunteers and collaborators receive guidance from industry professionals and gain experience within the civilian nonprofit spheres.

Recognizing Our Volunteers

At Project Reclass we are committed to highlighting the hard work of our members and collaborators. That’s why we promote all current members of our fully volunteer-based organization on our Team page, detailing their credentials and role within Reclass. Our past members also receive a permanent spot on our Wall of Honor, where we celebrate their involvement long after they’ve moved on to the next step in their careers.

Project Reclass enables our members to share current updates with their peers and career networks. We regularly thank our volunteers for their contributions and celebrate their accomplishments on our social media through member features. Our features are detailed and easily shareable on Facebook and LinkedIn, so our volunteers can showcase their work.