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Passionate about vocation programs for incarcerated veterans?

Hackday is a virtual event designed to immerse attendees into the world of technology, education, and criminal justice. This event will introduce you to our organization and the dedicated individuals involved, all while demonstrating the ways in which you can develop and utilize your skillset to better serve your community. For more information on how to get involved and attend the Hackday event, please see below.

Our Panel

Founder & Executive Director of Code Your Dreams
Strategic Advisor at the U.S. Department of Treasury
Operations Associate with American Corporate Partners

Aaron Forringer

Military Intelligence Veteran & Former Parole Agent

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Criminal Justice

Educating ourselves is our first step to lasting impact. This fall, we are standing up a research team of individuals passionate about improving the Criminal Justice system. Browsing publications is not enough; if you love sifting through layers of diverse information and conflicting perspectives to tackle the most complex challenges, we want you on our team. Together we can improve lives and reimagine education in relation to criminal justice.


Our technology team consists of technologists from all walks of life. We are cyber security, infrastructure, web development, distributed systems, and systems Our technology team is composed of technologists with various backgrounds, educated in fields such as cyber-security, infrastructure, web development, distributed systems, and systems engineering. Our volunteers include active-duty members of the military, military spouses, students in four-year university programs, code Bootcamp participants, and graduate students in programs of various technological disciplines. We are connected through our project’s mission, our hunger for learning, and our love of collaborative environments. If you are also passionate about tackling new problems and building free, open-source platforms to empower technical learning, apply for a position in our program!


Our military team consists of current and transitioning military members. They joined their respective branch out of a sense of duty and commitment to defending the United States. This sense of duty extends beyond the branch of service or military specialty that we hold, and Project Reclass brings military members together to provide an educational pathway for currently incarcerated veterans to learn computer networks. Current military members working with Project Reclass as volunteers and collaborators are exposed to industry professionals and given complex technical or educational problems that exhibit the skills they have mastered.


To prepare our users for a job market that is increasingly dependent on technology, we build tools that allow them to visualize and interact with virtualized computer networks. Our comprehensive vocational program provides hands-on labs, skill assessments, relevant publications, and conceptual lectures covering protocols and the governing bodies constituting the Internet’s design and operation. In addition, our platform is accessible with or without internet access.