Introducing ReVision

ReVision is a career preparedness and cover letter writing course developed by a dedicated team of volunteer educators. Our program enriches students’ research and written communication skills, equipping them to approach the job search and career market. Students will explore how to assess their own marketable skills, investigate employment opportunities, and write an effective cover letter.

ReVision empowers individuals who are striving for gainful employment upon reentry into society by helping them identify their career-related skills and promote them to employers.


ReVision is developed by a dedicated team of volunteer educators, each of whom possesses years of teaching experience. Our goal with this curriculum is to help students identify key transferable skills they possess and prepare to effectively communicate these skills to employers throughout the job application and interview process.

We want every student to leave the course better equipped to find employment opportunities, speak to employers about what makes them effective and valuable candidates, and frame these desirable qualities in cover letters and other written communication.  

Cover Letters

A robust understanding of one’s marketable skills and an awareness of how to approach the job search process will allow candidates to make a much stronger case for themselves as they find career opportunities, write resumes & cover letters, and face interview questions. 

The statistics below demonstrate the impact of preparedness and skillful writing, as applied to cover letters and other application materials. For previously incarcerated individuals, a cover letter can compensate for existing hiring practices that place them at a disadvantage.

Millions of Americans have faced periods of unemployment, and the traditional resume makes it difficult to explain these gaps; those affected by the carceral justice system are overwhelmingly likely to face this problem. The Prison Policy Initiative found that formerly incarcerated people experienced an unemployment rate nearly five times higher than the general United States population. As the labor market tightens, there is an opportunity to address these sobering statistics. We can increase the pool of qualified candidates who are ready to work in our communities by equipping them with the skills to reach out to and impress employers. An effective method to do so is teaching writing and career research skills with an eye toward the modern job market.